"Here is an outstanding young Bulgarian violinist...this is a player to watch."
Tully Potter, The Strad, London

"...a violinist of rare technical ability...he brings musicality to his performances...his left hand is able to deliver Ysaye's demands in the many mercurial passages with commendable accuracy."
David Denton, The Strad, London

"...lovely...high important release for admirers of Ysaye's Sonatas."
Joseph Magil, American Record Guide

" outstanding violinist...he enchanted us with his tone and expression through a brilliant and intensive sweetness."
Barbara Kaempfert-Weitbrecht, General - Anzeiger, Bonn, Germany

"Todorov controls his May Jaquet Stradivarius with superior energy and a beautiful tone production. This fascinating hour is over before you know it."
Gerard Scheltens, Klassieke Zaken, the Netherlands

"Jassen Todorov is a great artist, master of his instrument, musician with enormous depth and sensitivity who has a bright stage presence."
Lili Kratcheva, Musica Viva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Todorov and Corbett-Jones executed the Schubert fantasy with such clarity that all of its sophistication would only emerge on subsequent reflection...all of this intricate interleaving was performed with arresting conviction, constantly holding the serious listener in suspence over where Schubert would next turn in this journey through his thematic materials."
Stephen Smoliar, San Francisco Examiner, California

"Yes, this really is one brilliant interpretation of Brahms (Sonatas). Refinement and talent!"
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, Germany

"The amazing Jassen Todorov came with solo violin program. Bach and Ysaye. Phenomenal skill for long lines. Endless culminations. Born virtuoso! So much depth and inner strength. And logically rich. Great established artist."
Professor Dimitar Hristov, Music. Yesterday. Today, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Todorov has a beautifully robust sound and demonstrates an admirable technical accuracy"
Jodi Levitz, San Francisco Classical Voice, California

"Bright Soloist, Aesthete, Unsurpassable. Creative, Inspired, Delicate, Charming, Romantic, Original, Virtuoso...Jassen Todorov presented a mature and profound performance of the Six Sonatas (by Eugene Ysaye)...he has the great stage presence of an artist who is confident of his own abilities and master of the works."
Nedko Boyanov, Musical Horizons, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Tartini's G Minor Sonata (Devil's Trill) launched the program...Mr. Todorov handled the long cadenza, penned by Fritz Kreisler, with aplomb and plenty of trills of varying speeds and intensity...Two encores were offered, the second a "Perpetuum Mobile" performance of Francois Schubert's (1808-1878) innocuous "L'Abielle" (The Bee), redolent with Mr. Todorov's speedy left hand slured crossings. However, it was the first encore, Tchaikovsky's melancholy "Melody in E" from the Brailovo Suite, that generated rapt silence in the hall. It was Oistrakh's encore in his American debut recital, and here as in 1955 there were not many dry eyes in the house."
Terry McNeill, Classical Sonoma, California

"Todorov's virtuosity and talents came to the fore. He is an artist of great ability with a fine conviction for his musical material."
Robert Butler, The Stuart News, Florida

"Jassen possesses flawless technique, immaculate intonation, clean and melodious sound in all tempos and dynamics, beautiful tone, expressive and sensitive vibrato, careful and thorough approach to the spirit, substance and the style of the works."
Professor Boyan Lechev, Musical Horizons, Sofia, Bulgaria

"The young violinist Jassen Todorov is one complete virtuoso."
Journal de Morges, Switzerland

"Jassen's rich and beautiful tone supported his brilliant technique at unimaginable ease...Jassen Todorov is a master of violin art!"
Professor Dimitar Sagaev, Music. Yesterday. Today, Sofia, Bulgaria

"The young violinist is worthy of respect for his reserved concentration and imposing dignified stage presence. He proved his artistic attitudes - in terms of sound and musical touch - through an introspective presentation of the work, through an ambition to construct a musical picture of his own, rendered in the subtle and soft tones characterizing the mystic Nordic poeticism of Sibelius' music (Concerto for Violin), in supple and finely woven long lines along with a keen feeling for detail."
Musica Viva, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Although many of the greatest stars have recorded the Brahms Sonatas, Todorov's recording stands up to the competition quite nicely...He should definitely be worth hearing in his next local recital appearance - and beyond."
David Raymond, City Newspaper, Rochester

"...Jassen possesses excellent skills, his playing is mature and exquisite, and has the free and original thinking of a true musician."
Andy Palieva, Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

"Todorov can look forward to a fine career. He produced some very musical playing, especially in the sweetly lyrical Andante. In the final Allegro, he spun the silken thread of this Mendelssohnian lace with aplomb."
Joan Mank, Press Journal, Vero Beach, Florida

"If anyone from the audience walked into the Wadsworth Auditorium that afternoon and had not seen Todorov play, they would assume that there was a choir of four violins performing on stage (Sonata for Solo Violin by Bach). His style was impeccable and his sounds were clear and precise. Todorov moved his fingers and the bow with rapid pacing and concise movement as if the violin was a part of his body...Todorov stunned the audience with his versatility and durability of music and playing skills."
DJ Gallup, The Lamron, Geneseo, New York

"Jassen Todorov presented three recitals in two months - each one from a different epoch, style and mood. It is clear that he is a world class violinist, who is gaining recognition on the international stage."
Julia Manolova, Musica Viva, Sofia, Bulgaria